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Know the Farmer, know your food. Our farmers are local and only work with the highest quality resources.


Yao Cheng Farms

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Camarillo, CA - Certified Organic

In 1990 David To along with his family started Yao Cheng Farms in Irwin, California. Now Yao Cheng Farms operates 30 acres of land in Camarillo, California. When asked why he choose to farm he said, “This is what I enjoy doing. I believe that farming is healthy for the mind and the body. I have done this for a long time and have made so many connections throughout the years with my customers. Everything that I grow is organic and I make sure they are beautiful.” David believes in giving back to the community and is excited to be part of the Food Roots family.

Ken’s Top Notch Produce

Reedley, CA - Certified Organic

In 1992 Ken Lee purchased 20 acres of land after leaving the world of engineering behind to return to his farming roots. In the 25 years since, his farm has grown into a 250 acre certified organic orchard. Ken takes great pride in farming in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible and loves making people happy with his beautiful organic produce.


Rancho La Familia


Santa Maria, CA

Since purchasing 10 acres of land that she had previously leased in 1999, Virginia Cortez and her family expanded the Santa Maria farm to span 50 acres. The Cortez family maintain different aspects of the business: Luis Sr. works in deliveries and marketing, Veronica manages the office, Luis Jr. operates the farming machinery, and Omar oversees marketing and the many farmers’ markets the family attends. Luis Sr.’s favorite part about farming is coming to the farmers’ markets; in fact, the family went to their first farmers’ market in 1982. Please be sure to like Rancho Familia on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

Fair Hills Apple Farm

Paso Robles, CA

In May 1992, Nancy and David Rydell planted their orchard of approximately 35 acres of various apple varieties in Paso Robles. Since then, the farm has grown to 50 acres of land, 35 in apples and 15 in various summer stone fruits. Miguel Loureiro is the Southern California Sales Manager of Fair Hills Apple Farm who enjoys growing fresh, healthy food for people. You can find Miguel cracking jokes at the South Pasadena Farmers’ Market on Thursdays or visit the farm’s website here!


Dream Farms


Fresno, CA

June Moua has been farming since 2011 and currently runs Dream Farms with her husband on 20 acres of land in Fresno. She grows Asian produce to serve people who are outside of Asian communities and to give them a “taste of other people’s vegetables.” When asked for tips on farming, she answered, “Just give it a try, it doesn’t hurt. If [the plant] doesn’t survive, try it again… Just throw your seed in the ground and water.”